meet the slayers!

bunny man

ridiculously violent (literally!)

Once a peaceful happy farmer, the aliens took away all that was precious to him. The invasion and destruction of his farm left him a broken man. Now his lust for vengeance has transformed him into a psychotic, deranged, killing a bunny suit???

bunnyman sprite

crazy old man

insanely fun!

Dr. Kwaque went from respected physician to deranged old guy when he took a swig of his own anti-aging formula. Oops, too late now to try again. Still, his aim isn’t bad and he sure knows how to use those power ups!

crazy old man sprite
Crazy Oldman


a really strange duck!

This guy lives where the busses don’t run and the sun always shines—a true outsider from beyond the horizon. You’re lucky to have MT Brain, a south of the border loner, on your side.

mt-brain sprite

lady haha

the most musical slayer ever!

When the coolest celeb in the world sees her fans in danger, Lady Ha Ha jumps right into action. Hip hopping and grooving with her heavy artillery, watch out aliens, this lady is no lady.

lady haha sprite
Lady Haha

captain thrasher

the product of unregulated science!

A product of a military experiment, this once timid soldier is a bionic, unstoppable fighting machine! Get a load of Captain Thrasher!

captain thrasher sprite
Captain Thrasher

juicy twinkles

killing aliens softly with her smile… not!

Juicy Twinkles is a sweetie, like the proverbial girl next door. But get in her way and this girl travels to the beat of her own drum and it’s a fast paced rebel beat. Those sticks can really sting!

juicy twinkles sprite
Juicy Twinkles


beware of this crazy gun enthusiast!

This guy is an alien killing machine. He hates them with a passion. Watch out for this gun slinger!

chattanooga sprite


a mean, lethal, killing machine!

What can we say about Tesla? Unlock this ferocious champion of freedom and you may yet save the earth!

tesla sprite